Terms for Preparing a Medical Report

1. It is your responsibility to ensure that Professor Raine receives adequate instructions, the appropriate employment, medical records and x-rays, signed authority to disclose information and that the report is sufficient for your purposes.

2. Costs incurred in the procurement of medical records including X-rays, other information or investigations will be passed on to you for payment.

3. The fee for preparing a written report will be dependent upon the size of the notes bundle. Quotations can be supplied.

4. The fee for consultations and inspecting all relevant documentation, including medical records provided by you and all other time spent in relation to this matter (except related to 2 above) will be charged at £200 per hour. Payment will be made to ‘Raine Medical Limited’.

5. If your Client is legally aided you should immediately apply for payment on account (Regulation 101) from the area Legal Aid office. This should in all cases allow payment to be received within six weeks of receipt of the report by yourselves (Legal Aid Head Office, August 1990).

6. If you cancel your request more than 14 days after receipt of these terms a fee will be charged reflecting the work and administrative time to the date of cancellation.

7. Related expenses will be charged as follows: First class rail travel, business class air travel, car at £0.80 per mile. Accommodation as required. Attendance and cancellation fees for court will be agreed on an individual basis.

8. A ‘Did Not Attend’ fee of £75 is levied if a client does not attend at the appropriate time or cancels 5 working days before the appointment. Any cancellation must be supplied in writing.

9. Payment of invoices will be due within 3 months, unless negotiated by prior agreement.

10. Late payment may result in a complaint to The Law Society Disciplinary Tribunal.

11. Interest at 3% above Barclays Bank base rate will be charged in the event of late payment. Costs of any debt recovery, should they be necessary, will be levied.

12 Unless you instruct otherwise, all reports will be stored for 5 years and then destroyed. All copy medical records will be destroyed 6 months from production of the report, unless otherwise instructed. You are requested to inform Professor Raine of completion of the case and outcome.